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27 December 2013 @ 05:54 pm
Too lazy to type so here's what we did ate yesterday to celebrate TVXQ's 10th anniversary in pics. XD

Dinner with beloved cassies at Manna Korean Restaurant.


Pretty cuppies <3

TVXQ cupcakes. The giraffe looks like a cow and the duck doesnt look like a duck at all. lol happy 10th anniv anyways!

and cakeeee!!!

We watched old videos,spazzed and made fun of Chunface. hahaha (we love you Micky)

and lotsa korean food! <3 They are not that spicy though. >.>

Its not much, but they're for oppars, so... XD

Happy 10th anniversary TVXQ!!! Cheers to another 10-20 years!!! XD

*the pics are way to big i dunno how to resize them OTL.
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Awesome video is awesome. XD

Have been watching disney movies these past few days and this particular song just wont get off my head. OTL ~maybe coz i can relate? lol
Well, ive been raking the web for some awesome covers of this song until i found this version and i just couldn't stop laughing. It's just sooo cute i wanna squish her and her banana and ice cream costume are pure win. hahahaha

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19 January 2013 @ 01:03 pm
I am legit crying as i am typing this entry. it's been a long time since i last posted here, i was just so heartbroken and I have to let this all out in any possible way.

So I woke up and found out that (3)three out of our 4(four) puppies were dead... killed, mauled, massacred? i don't know anymore. The two fattest puppies have bites on their heads and on their backs... i really wanted to take a picture of it but i stopped myself coz that would be too cruel and unethical. The worst was what happened to the brown puppy, it was mutilated, the body was missing and only the bottom half was left scattered on the floor. It was heartbreaking. They were only about 3  weeks old, and they were just starting to gain weight! I just can't believe that they're gone just like that. The only one left alive was the skinniest one and to my opinion the most unhealthy compared to the others. It broke my heart when i saw it walk to where the dead puppies were piled and started to cuddle with them not knowing that her brother/sisters were dead!

I am so angry right now but i don't know who to blame. My mom said that maybe they were attacked by a large rat (idk if that's possible), besides the mother dog was there, isn't she supposed to watch over her puppies? Our nanny however has a different theory, while she was cleaning the remains of the dead puppies, the mother dog attempted to eat some of it that was left on the floor so she thinks that it was the mother who ate them and not some rats or whatsoever.

I researched online and looked for infos concerning dogs who eat their puppies and found few articles, i didnt read all of them but i found out that  mother dogs will eat their puppies if she feels that there's something wrong with them or when she feels or sense that they're not healthy and will not survive, she believes that they should go back to where they came from...

But, the puppies that were killed were the fattest and the healthiest! i don't know anymoresss. i cry.

And today the mother dog was acting like a complete bitch coz even with only 1 puppy left, she refuses to feed it with her milk. What an ass. We decided to isolate the puppy from her mother, coz god-knows what the mother will do to it once they're alone.

before i left for work, i snapped a photo of her sleeping in a box of krispy kreme doughnuts, it will be her temporary bed and she has our old santa claus plushy she can snuggle when she feels cold. /creys

le puppy up-close <3

Don't you worry little fella, i'm gonna take care of you. ^^
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05 December 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Finally, after a month of waiting, its finally here!!!! I super duper love my Junsu plushie and the shoes!! they are just lovely! SOBS~ the fan comes as a freebie. ODG i love them so so much!!! ^^

Just lovely. ~giggles~ kekkee don't mind me everyone, im just really really happy. LOL
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kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Junsu!!!!!! My pillow Junsu alabyu!!! ~smoochies~
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Oh Gods! im so broken right now! that shop offered the cheapest price for Yoochun's High Cut! ~LEGIT CRYING~


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12 August 2011 @ 10:32 am

Getting up early is surely worth it especially when their lovely and cute faces are waiting for me in the classroom.
My group class. *from left to right* Toby, Kaiser, Amy and Edward. 

This picture was taken during their 2nd week stay in the Philippines... omona! i will surely miss them so so fucking much once they go back to Korea this August 27... i don't even wanna think about it.  :(

Toby and Edward... so cute!

These two boys claim that they like Amy... lol! 

Kaiser: Teacher, Amy is mine!
Toby: No, Amy is mine!
Amy: Shikro! 
All: le gasp
Me: Amy! minus 1 star for speaking in Korean!
Amy: NO!!!!!!!!!
Kaiser and Toby: Laughs

lololol pure evil!!!!! 

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23 February 2011 @ 08:11 pm

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. he's so cute just like his dad... LOL

HEHEHEHE. JUST DON'T MIND ME. IM JUST happy to find a kid who looks like Young Saeng. kekekeke

Now this looks like his Baby Saengie's baptism, hehehehe only his dad is absent... (sorry baby, ur dad is just busy with his upcoming album,its for our future don't worry!  LAMO)

hehehhehe. im so happy i wanna adopt him so bad! ^^
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23 November 2010 @ 06:31 pm
 Title: Jawbreakers
Author: greenps our Maknae
Length: One-shot
Pairing: Yunho+Jaejoong+ Junsu+Laramel = ????... (nyahahhhahah)
Note: I really really love this fic! nyahhaha!!!! ROFL!!!!!! I mean i have the three of them!!!!! im gonna die of happiness!!! nyahahhaha
I CAN REALLY FEEL THAT MY LIFE IS IN DANGER RIGHT NOW....lol  Mian! I can't help it! my friends loves to spoil me with hot and steamy smut fics!!! nyahahahah *GETS BRICKED* 

This is the latest fic written for me by greenps maknae, she wrote this while she was in her Dad's condo in Manila, she said that she really checked out the condo's gym to get her inspiration....LOL and ofcourse...the Jawbreakers!!! she got me one, a medium size when she got back and i really had a hard time eating it...i think my jaw almost broke! I have been licking it for almost 24 hours! Such a hard candy with a not so surprise center...LMAO ^^


              Park Laramel always had a routine. She’d wake up in the morning and jog her way down to the gym. She was living on the 37th floor where as the gym was down at 7th. She’d take a shower after that and be on her way to the office. She’d buy food for dinner and go home. But she didn’t feel like doing that routine. It was her birthday and for some reason, she found everything sickening. Since her friends were out of town, she had no choice but to celebrate her birthday by herself.

She spent the first half of her morning watching movies and just slacking off inside her dorm. As the clock stroke 12, she went to the nearest mall and bought herself new clothes and accessories. While having her lunch, her friend, Shirie, called her.
“Park! Happy birthday! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate it with you.I’ve got an important meeting with a band I’m producing. Anyway, what did you do so far Park?”
“I just bought myself some stuff so far and now having lunch.”
“by yourself, park dongsaeng?”
“nae unnie.’
“what?! Okay here’s what you do. Go to the gym sometime today. I’m sure you’ll love it.”
“but unnie, I don’t want to do anything that’s part of my routine.”
“Yah! Park-ssi! Just listen to me okay? I’ve not to go now. Annyeonghi gaseyo!”
Ugh.. I hate surprises. Despite the call, she went back to her condo and checked if she got any snail mail.

The slot contained a small box neatly wrapped in red satin and a silk ribbon tidily fixed in the center top. Laramel took the box and saw a letter underneath the box.
Park Unnie-ah! Happy birthday! I’m sorry I can’t be there with you. I’m very busy. So I just bought you these! I remembered you got intrigued by them. Don’t finish them all in one night! Saranghaeyo unnie-ah!
Laramel read in a writing she only knew too well. Isha. She thought. She took the box and the letter and went up to her room. She put them down on the bedside table as she sat down and opened the red box. There were different sizes of colorful balls. She took one large one out and observed it. She tapped it on the table and noticed that it was hard. Jawbreakers, unnie! They’re delicious! She remembered Isha sharing one with her.

After having a nap, she changed into her gym outfit, took two medium sized balls enough to hold in one hand and went on her way to the gym.
Perhaps a few minutes on the treadmill wouldn’t hurt. Besides, I need to maintain my physique. This is not part of my daily routine anyway. She tried to convince herself.

She was wearing her usual tight jogging pants and athletic dry fit top with her long, jet black hair tied up in a ponytail. She put her bags beside the treadmill and started running. With an ipod, she blocked out everybody else. The gym was big. It was a closed room with three treadmills, a few weights and a dance studio at the right most part. Full length mirrors circled the room and Laramel hated that part of the room. As much as she wanted to block out everyone, she could always see who was looking at her, talking about her. She wasn’t anti-social but she could be a snarky girl if she wanted to. After 15 minutes of running, she took a break. She sat down facing the dance studio that was next to the mills and drank some water. Three guys were dancing – more like hip thrusting- in front of the mirror. Lara didn’t mean to stare but she was. One of the men was tanned and very fit. His muscles were showing even without effort. The smaller one was pale and beautiful but equally his body was toned and just… delicious. The other was cute but he looked steaming hot while dancing. He moved too smoothly to not notice. Laramel was sitting cross-legged, upper body leaning forth and she was sweating so much. She held her jawbreakers in her hand thinking of eating one but ended up playing with them; circling them in her hands. It was almost as if she was holding these men’s balls. The cute one noticed and as he danced looking at Laramel’s jawbreaker tease, he gave one forceful hip thrust while sticking his tongue out. The other two noticed and started to grind in front of the mirror. Laramel gave them one evil smirk and went back to the treadmill.

Omo!!! It’s already 9 pm! Park said to herself as she stepped down from the treadmill and drank some water. She noticed that there were no more people inside the gym as well except… the three guys who were dancing were still there.

“Seolijiman, are you Park Laramel?” the pretty one asked.
“Nae. How do you know me?”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mind my manners. My name is Jaejoong. That is Yunho and Junsu.” He said as he pointed to the tall man and the cute one respectively.
“Annyeong. Anyway, I think I better go now. It was nice meeting you Jaejoong-ssi, Yunho-ssi, Junsu-ssi.” Laramel said bowing to each of them.
She was a few steps away from the door when someone pulled her by the waist. She could feel a bulge just by her ass.
“It’s not yet time to go Laramel.. Why don’t we celebrate your birthday?” Junsu whispered in her ears as he put a tongue to her bare neck forming shapes of the number 8. Laramel closed her eyes as she felt her spine shiver. She heard the door being locked and two other pairs of hands slither around her body. Junsu wrapped his arms around her waist, Yunho lightly touched the edges of her jogging pants above her lower torso while he kissed the other side of her neck and Jaejoong, right in front of her, pulled her towards his body as he kissed her slowly but aggressively. He started biting the top of her lip as he pulled her closer to her enough to feel as the bulge grew harder.

Jaejoong started to slide down her as he tugged her shirt up to leave hickeys on her tummy. Junsu took the shirt and pulled it off leaving Laramel with her sports bra. Yunho devoured her mouth with wet and brutal kisses as his hands trailed down to her ass clutching it as soon as he got hold. Junsu grabbed her waist and pulled her down to an Olympic bench. He pinned her down by her shoulders.
“Hnng..” she shrieked in pain. Her head, not able to rest on a surface, was hanging upside down. Junsu was now on top of her kissing every part of her upper body: neck, collar bones, stomach, and upper torso. He held her sports bra and tore it away with both hands. She twitched as her bra was no longer wrapping her breasts. Exposed, Junsu started licking her breasts and sucking the nipples until he left hickeys.

Yunho was grazing her legs slowly upward. Reaching the garter of her jogging pants, he pulled them down kissing her lower torso, licking and sucking. Hickeys were adding up throughout her body and she loved every inch of it. When her jogging pants were totally pulled out, Yunho started kissing by the lines of her underwear. The limited feel of his lips on her was erotic and compelling. She moaned to let him know she wanted more. But the other two took the sign as well and increased in pleasing Laramel. Yunho bit her undies to take it of her. He glared at her while he did this making sure that he put out his tongue often for heat. He spread her legs wider and kissed her thighs.

Junsu noticed that she was now bare. Seeing that Yunho was busy elsewhere, he let his talented tongue slide down to her clit. She quivered with each stroke of his tongue. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Her head kept bobbing from the quivers. She hit the metal support bars that sent a jolt of pain but was immensely replaced with pleasure as Junsu inserted his tongue inside her. The heat and wetness of his tongue swiveling its way inside her was more than she could take.

Jaejoong kept kissing her. Sometimes passionately and mostly aggressive and brutal that sent both their lips swelling and red. He pulled down his shorts and took one of her hands and let it hold his tight, growing member pulsating in her palm. While they continued kissing, he guided her hand in an upward and downward motion. He let her hand go when he noticed her pick up the speed. Both were moaning from pleasure. Laramel felt pre-cum slide down to her hand. Jaejoong stopped kissing her letting his throbbing cock pulsate slower from explosion. He motioned over her, took off his sleeveless shirt and let his hands on the edges of the bench pinning Laramel down. His weight deprived her wrists from blood causing bruises and marks. As she moaned once again from Junsu’s tongue brutally fucking her, Jaejoong slid his cock inside her mouth. Slowly at first, he bit his lip and moaned. His rhythm increased deeper giving Laramel’s mouth a good fucking.

Yunho, not wanting to miss out on the fun, stood up and pulled his shorts down as well. He tapped Junsu’s shoulders. Junsu gave a swipe of his tongue over Laramel’s clit before looking at the elder. Yunho held his cock, positioning it towards Laramel’s entrance. He tapped his cock on the edges of her opening first. He gave himself a hand job making sure that the head of his cock pulsated halfway inside her. As soon as Jaejoong slowed down, Yunho gave one deep thrust inside her that sent her screaming her moans. The pleasure it sent her caused scratch marks on Jaejoong’s hands. Yunho’s thrusts followed the rhythm of Jaejoong’s. Junsu took off his shorts and let his legs sprawl across Laramel. He made her give him a hand job while he continued putting hickeys on her thighs and licking her clit.

All their orgasms were in unison but the three men jolted their cocks to prevent it from coming. Laramel, with all three cocks pulled away from her, was sweaty and panting. Yunho grabbed her waist and threw her to the floor bent down facing the mirror. A heavy thud had sounded and Laramel was sure that her knees would have bruises tomorrow. “You didn’t seriously think it was over, did you?” Yunho said. Junsu kneeled down behind her and gave a quick and deep thrust. Laramel was looking at him remembering the hip thrust he was practicing with his tongue sticking out. That was exactly how he looked like. Jaejoong laid down, his face between her legs. He started licking and sucking her clit, stroking it with his tongue hard and brutal. Yunho kneeled in front of her and let his cock inside her mouth. He was slightly larger than Jaejoong, long and thick. Junsu’s cock was circling inside touching all the edges of her. He held both cheeks of her ass and set them apart to give way to his cock for a deeper penetration.

Yunho came in her mouth momentarily but Laramel knew payback well enough. Just before he could pull out his cock from her mouth, she started sucking. This sent Yunho flailing frantically. His erection had died down but her sucking made it harder to control. He was writhing as she sucked harder, letting her tongue travel and trace every inch of him. As soon as he managed to get himself out, he was panting. Sitting down on the floor, he was sweaty, sensitive and still writhing.

Jaejoong shifted back to her lips brutally kissing them and sucking every inch of them. Her lips turned to purple this time with a sudden tang. Licking her lips, she realized he bit her. Lying underneath her, he waited for Yunho to give him a hand job. Jaejoong’s hands were preoccupied squeezing Laramel’s breasts reaching them for another sucking and another set of hickeys. Not too long, his cum sprawled between her breasts leaking and dripping.

Junsu pulled his cock away and threw Laramel to her back sending her to another thud. Yunho pinned her arms while Jaejoong pinned her legs down. Junsu started thrusting hard and continuously. Skin slapping skin, his sweat started to run down and drip over Laramel’s body. Each time he felt like coming, his face would start to look angry: a sign that he is trying to stop from letting out his seed in her until she comes. Laramel was writhing forcefully now which were prevented with Jaejoong’s and Yunho’s pinning down. She screamed out her pleasure as if in labor and Junsu emptied himself in her. As the two let her go, Junsu laid on top of her. Sweat and cum fresh, warm and wet. “Happy birthday Laramel” he whispered. The three stood up, put on their clothes and went out of the door.

hOW WAS IT??? nyahhhaa!!!!!! *nosebleeding*>.<
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23 November 2010 @ 06:18 pm
 Title: Miduhyo *Chapter 8*
Author: sakkashirie 
Length: Chaptered
Pairing: Yunho and Laramel (Me) ahhahaha
Note: This is the excerpt of the chaptered fic that sakkashirie unnie wrote for me, well, this chapter is quite memorable because Yunho and I are involved... well if I'm gonna talk to much you're going to know what happened! kyaaa!!! Just read it nae? hhehehehe * I CAN REALLY FEEL THAT YOU GUYS ARE THROWING DEATH GLARES AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN RIGHT NOW... mian!!! hehehhe 

Yunho’s POV:
That’s right walk away, lock yourself in your room. I thought as I watch her walk back angrily towards the villa. That should teach you not to display your body whenever you like. Huh, maybe you thought that you can seduce other men while Junsu’s away. You’re dead wrong, gold digger! When I was sure that she was gone I turned my attention towards my cousin’s other friends.
So you’re the famous U-know..who’d have thought you were unnie’s cousin huh? I smiled widely at the bluntness and unaffected tone of the one called Mia. She doesn’t seemed the type of girl who swoons easily when she sees someone famous (unlike someone I know!).
Yeah who’d have thought.. I said, now uninterested as Lara’s face pop in my mind for the nth time this evening. I excused myself from the others and swam to the farthest part of the pool. I know I was supposed to be watching my cousin to prevent her from doing something fishy with Seunghyun but that girl’s presence just distracts me. I can’t help but follow her every move. You can imagine my shock when I saw her at the pool wearing that one piece suit that hugs her body. She really is bent on taking just about anyone huh. Why was Junsu not here? If I were him I will never let her out of my sight.
Yah, youngbae o de? I heard GD shout and saw Taeyang walking towards the villa. He answered that he was just going to check on Top and Shirie at the kitchen (my cousin and her “twin” were busy mixing the drinks for us). I disregard him and went on lapping the waters. I stayed for a couple of laps more then decided to check my phone in my room. I passed Shirie and Top still at the bar and went up to the second floor where my room was.
Hmm..no messages? Oh well… I get out from my room again as I heard the jolly cheers from below. The drinks must be served, can’t miss out on that then. I checked the lock and proceeded to the stairs but even before I could step I saw Taeyang going out of a room. I was about to call him when Lara’s face peeped from behind the door.
What is this? Is she seeing Taeyang behind Junsu’s back? F***!!! Anger filled me as I see them hug each other. I quickly hid myself when Taeyang passed by, all the while gritting my teeth.

Pool side…
Almost all of us are drunk now, save for Seunghyun, who I know has a very high tolerance for alcohol (one of the perks from being a part of the MILO gang I guess) and myself. My precious cousin was sleeping peacefully on Top’s lap, she was knocked out by a shot of Soju, funny little one. I never got used to the idea of Shirie growing up into the woman she is now. To me she will always be that little girl who followed me around. She was more than just my cousin, she’s my precious little sunshine. Unfortunately though that sunshine seemed to have turned into darkness when we grew up, but I love her just the same.

I guess we have to stop now? Top said with a smile. All the others were already inside, there were just the three of us by the pool. I didn’t see that girl after that scene with Taeyang, she must’ve been too tired with what they did. I clenched my fists at the thought. I suddenly got up and Top followed me carrying Shirie gently on his back. She made little noises that made Top chuckle. I glanced at them.
You could take her to her room..
Are you sure hyung?
Yes, go before I change my mind..she’s too drunk anyway and I don’t want her puking on me I smiled as I said this. I know he’s a good guy so I don’t really need to act all paranoid about this. When they were gone I decided to take a dip at the pool again to cool myself down. I stood under the diving board to shield my eyes from the pool lights. I let myself relax and enjoy the smooth brushing of water on my skin. Moments later I heard soft footsteps coming from the side of the pool.
What is she doing here? Lara was at the other side of the pool walking and looking up at the stars. She seemed troubled but at the same time peaceful.

I watched as the moonlight reflects on her long hair as the breeze plays with it. She didn’t seem to notice me and that was good because I can feel my throat going dry as I watch her taking off her robe and putting it on one of the sun-chairs. I swallowed hard as she gently lowers herself on the pool, the water almost worshipping every part of her that it touches.
Stop that Yunho, you’re drunk! You hate her remember? She’s cheating on your “brother”.
I want her… I felt a thousand bolts rush through my body as I heard that tiny voice from within.
Focus Yunho..don’t let the alcohol get into your brain. Restrain yourself!
Yeah right..come on Yunho you want her you know that. It doesn’t matter after all she’s like that. She maybe doing this on purpose you know..
I glanced at her again and struggled to keep my sanity. She was now emerging from her dive and the cascading water on her body didn’t help at all. I felt that need resurface again. That same feeling I felt when I first saw her.
Who’s there? I hear her call out into the darkness. The lights have been turned off by now.
Did I scare you? I said in a confident voice as I walked towards her. I somehow managed to control myself and appear calm in front of her. She turned around and gasped when recognition hit her.
w-what are you doing here?
Swimming, can’t you tell?
But it’s almost midnight, I thought there would be no one here.
Well, now you know that not everyone’s asleep… she looked utterly delicious biting her lips like that and being all nervous. The growling tigress I’m used to seeing whenever we met was different from this image in front of me.
Why are you here, miss owner? I didn’t give her a chance to answer.
Are you waiting for someone? Why, were you not satisfied enough earlier? You’re waiting for him are you?
w-who?? What are you…yah! You’re too close.. oh so her feisty self is back. I slipped my hand into the small of her back and pulled her closer to me, sending the water into ripples as our bodies bumped on each other.
Let, me go! Yah! She wriggled to get out from my grasp.
Oh come on don’t tell me you don’t like this? Hmmm… I lowered my head and made my lips touch her hair. You really smell great… I let my lips travel down to the side just right where her ears were and softly bit the tip playfully.

I felt her shiver, making me smile. This is way too easy. I can feel her heat up as I slowly went lower, showering her neck with butterfly kisses as I went along, my hands traveling from her back and up to her nape. I stopped teasing her when my right hand reached the crook of her neck and slowly turned to stare at those lovely eyes. I inched closer, taking my time and enjoying how her pupils dilate with desire.
w-what are you trying to do! STO—
All her protests turned into gibberish as I close the distance between our faces and kissed her. I was trying hard not to devour her, it’s not time yet, but her struggles and her soft moans made me crazier than I already was about her. I bit her lower lip and got the response I wanted from her, she opened her mouth in surprise giving me full access. I let my tongue slip in and tease hers.
She suddenly stopped struggling and stood still like she was in shock. I can sense her battling with her desire and sanity making me want to tease her more. I drew her closer to me with my free hand and lowered the right down to her hips, caressing every curve that my palm slides through. The kiss went deeper still and I feel her hands suddenly on my shoulders. She was gripping them like her life depended on them. That simple move made me stir “down there”.

Damn you woman.. I said as I ended the kiss and catch my breath. She was also panting from the lack of air but still hadn’t let go of my shoulders. The site of her catching her breath just added fuel to my already growing desire, the heavy breathing contributing more, that I couldn’t do anything but just let my carnal instincts take over. I advance towards her and pushed her so that her back rests against the edge of the pool. She was too lost in her lust for me that she didn’t seem to mind and just let me corner her once more.
I was on a rampage, I kissed her passionately as I let my hands roam around her body, feeling her heat up on parts that my palms touch. The cold water now seemed to boil as we drown in desire with each other. All coherent thoughts escape me as I hear her take in a sharp breath when I touched that sensitive part. I tried my hardest not to rip open that damned suit she has on.
Hnnmmmnn..y-yunho..d-don’t..aaah… i hear her say as I tease her with my hand. Encouraged by her lust-filled voice and let my hand travel north, up to the twin mounds of flesh.
So soooffft…mmm… i buried my face at the space just between her chest and took in her scent. Her hand slowly tangled itself on my hair, as if trying to keep me away from where my face was. My hands were still busy feeling all of her. I pushed my body against her letting her feel the heat that was struggling to get out of me.

I slowly grind my body against her, feeling that wonderful sensation of the friction between her smooth skin and mine. She tensed when I purposely let her feel me. Damn she’s making me ache but I know I can’t take her now, not here where the possibility of someone seeing us is high. My board shorts are getting tighter by the minute.
F***…you’re driving me crazy. I kissed her once more and she willingly obliged, moaning as I attack her with my tongue. Her hands were now all over me, caressing my torso and playing with my navel.

Aaaahhh…f***… I grabbed her teasing hand and put it on the part of my body that needs the most attention now. I grew harder as I saw her reaction. She suddenly opened her eyes and I can see pure desire from the way her pupils dilate and turn darker. The play of light from the moon didn’t keep me from reading her face. What a wanton woman, openly seducing me like this. Seconds later and I felt her hand slide against my shorts, slowly going down and up again. She’s driving me insane now. I couldn’t wait any longer. I have to have her!

Ahhhhnnnn…let’s get out of he—I didn’t even finish what I was about to say and with one sweep I lift her thighs and carried her out of the pool. She wrapped her legs around me and held on to my neck, afraid of falling off.

In a matter of seconds we were inside my room and I pinned her to the door, her legs still around my waist. I kissed her again and hurriedly fumbled for the strap of her swimsuit, almost on the verge of just ripping them off.

Yun.. she gasped as I kissed one of the pink buds that was exposed as I successfully lowered on side of her swimwear. She grabbed my hair again but this time pushed me closer to her body. I played with her using my tongue, her moans making me wilder. Half of her heavenly body was in plain sight now and I stood back admiring her.
You’re taking my breath away… I gave her a malicious smile and stared at her as I slowly walk back to her.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… a blood curdling scream shot through the whole villa. All lust flew away from me as I recognized the voice. That scream, that heartbreaking scream was from a person I only know too well. I hurriedly went out of my room, totally forgetting everything. My mind filled with only one thought and that was to get to her room as fast as I can.
Shirie!!!! I yelled as I run up the stairs. Oneechan’s coming!

-end of chapter 8- 

i posted this chapter coz u-know...nyhahha!!!! I really want sakkashirie unnie to post this story in her LJ account, but I think she stopped posting up to chapter 4... *heheheh* I DON'T KNOW WHY!!! kyaaaa!!!!!

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